wedding vowsMost of us dream of extravagant weddings. We want it to be grand because it is one of the biggest and most memorable events in our lives. But often times, we forget to take into account the costs of our dream wedding. The most important thing to consider when planning a wedding is the budget. Here are some ways to cut extravagant budget to lower costs.

1) Think of your top priorities. Do not be overwhelmed by the celebrities’ grand weddings you see in magazines. Think about your own wedding. What are the most important things you want for your wedding? Is it your dress? Is it the venue? Or is it simply the presence of the people you love?

2) Do a through canvass and research. Do not be amazed by the very first wedding dress you see, the very first venue you heard of, or the eye-catching invitation styles. Do further research to compare prices. You will be shocked to see that there are cheaper dresses, venues, and invitations.

3) Opt to buy wholesale. You can save more when you buy wholesale flowers, decorations, and foods. You can actually save more when buying in bulk.

4) Do what you can do. If you can make your own timeline of your to-do list, you can save more instead of getting a wedding organizer.

5) Save money on your diamond ring purchase by going online. You get better quality and cheaper prices by buying your engagement ring online. Doing so can potentially save you thousands of dollars. I recommend following this website for the latest advice and guide on diamond rings.

6) Make use of your friends’ availability. You can designate responsibilities to your friends. Make them a big part of your wedding plans, not just on your wedding day. Asking help from your friends will save you money.

7) Save money for decorations. Scheduling your wedding on holidays will not require you too much decorations because the church is already filled with flowers.

8) Tap your friends for help. Look for musically inclined friends. They can serve as musicians for your wedding. Look for singers. Surely they’ll offer you lower rates, or perhaps, for free. Also look for the cunning and crafty people. They can help you assemble decorations.

9) Narrow your guest list. You can choose your own guests. You don’t have to invite everyone you know. You can invite specific people, and make your own category where friends can’t bring their children or their partners. It is your choice.

10) Look for cheap wedding dresses. You don’t necessarily have to wear a brand new or customized gown for your wedding. Your confidence will make you look glamorous.

11) Look for cheap catering services. Research about the food they serve, or whether they include hard drinks. Who are your guests? Are they hard drinkers? Or are they more of party rockers?

12) Save money during your proposal with simple and yet effective ideas to pop the question from this website. Every little cent saved will count towards lowering your wedding costs.