bridesmaid of honor

As we stated previously, the maid of honor has several responsibilities. Some of these are delegated and others just mostly assumed. For instance, when you agree to be someone’s made of honor, you are agreeing to more then you may realize.

Of course, you will be the one who will walk down the isle right in front of the bride. It’s an honor to be standing in that position since everyone will know that you are a very special person to the bride. You are making a statement. As the maid of honor you probably have always been a part of the bride’s life in good and bad times.

Hopefully, in the future you will continue to be that friend she may need. As you consider the responsibilities, you may feel like you are pestering the bride. This is not the case at all because several brides have expressed their appreciation for the support.

As the maid of honor, you are sure to have special and fun moments in the days to come. Be assured that the days and even months before the wedding you are going to be the bride’s confidant and have to provide tons of emotional support. Brides go through many emotions before their wedding.

Therefore, the maid of honor should be there, at all times, to console her. If she is overjoyed and ecstatic about an event, then she needs to share in that joy and excitement. Perhaps something didn’t run so smoothly, then the maid of honor needs to be the calm person at this time. Provide comforting and encouraging words at these times.

Emotional support may perhaps be the most difficult task for the maid of honor. The fun part of being the maid of honor is the shopping and the pre wedding parties and showers. As for the bridal shower, it is the responsibility of the maid of honor to host this event.

She is to plan and invite those that are attending the wedding including family and friends. As the pre wedding parties take place, keep track of the gift givers. Later the bride will thank you for this detail so that she can write thank you cards. When planning the bridal shower, remember to tell everyone where the bride and groom are registered. All these hints may seem little but are much needed so the couple receives what they need or want.

As far as ceremony responsibilities, the maid of honor should be with the bride at all times. The maid of honor should have helped the bride get dressed. While helping her dress for her dream wedding, continuously reassure the bride how beautiful she looks and how this entire day will be the perfect fantasy she has always wanted.

Make sure the maid of honor is there to hold her flowers when needed, to find her touch up make up, make sure she eats something and to ask her occasionally if she needs anything. After the wedding, the maid of honor and the best man should be the ones to sign the marriage license. This is also an extremely important matter. Make sure that the license is taken care of as the bride and groom are thinking of several other things.

This day is one of the most precious moments in your best friend’s life so make sure you are there for her. In moments of laughter, laugh along and in moments of crying, give a hug and a tissue. If the bride is gloomy, be the one to remind her how fortunate she is to have found the love of her life. The reassurance is much needed from the maid of honor.

Be the best maid of honor by taking your responsibilities seriously.