wedding gifts

If it’s time to go shopping for the next wedding you’ve been invited to, you might find that you are absolutely stumped as how to offer the bride and groom a gift that is unique and appropriate. Consider these suggestions to make the wedding reception (and beyond!) magical as well as memorable.

Wine stoppers. A cork swells after it has been removed from a bottle of wine, which means it is nearly impossible to re-cork it if you have neglected to finish it off. From crystal to stainless steel, select a pair of wine stoppers, each one with the first initial of one of the happy couple’s names. When they are celebrating future anniversaries, they’ll think of you!

Wine itself. Add to their collection with a variety of different vintages (you can still include the wine stoppers as well or a pair of personalized wine glasses). You can plan ahead for years of future bliss by purchasing a bottle that will be best consumed on their tenth anniversary (or their twentieth … or their fiftieth!).

A picture frame. This one is a classic. The very nature of a wedding means lots and lots of photos, and they’re going to need somewhere to store the best of the bunch. You might try a photo book, but a simple frame is elegant and non-redundant. If another guest has the same idea as you do, you can bet that the bride and groom will undoubtedly have a picture waiting to fill your frame as well. To make yours extra special, have it engraved with the names of the newlyweds. And add a little message of support as well.

Bedding. You can help them keep their honeymoon alive by reminding them of the luxury and comfort they experienced in their hotel when you purchase new bedding for them. Purchase the most luxurious sheets, pillows, and pillowcases you can find. Make sure they have a high thread count!

Food. Send them on their honeymoon with something yummy to munch on. Look into gift baskets of cookies or a personalized box of chocolates. If you’re a good cook, anything hand-made offers a personal touch they’ll appreciate.

Scrapbook. The happy couple is going to want some memento of this important event in their lives, but after the honeymoon is over and all the thank you notes are sent, they probably won’t have the time or energy to put together the kind of scrapbook they’d like.

You can help out by collecting relevant memorabilia – such as invitations, save-the-date cards, or photos from your own personal collection documenting the evolution of their relationship – and creating a scrapbook for them. Make sure to leave plenty of room so they can add whatever they wish in the future.

Matching watches. Remind them that they love each other every second. Aim for sleek and stylish. You might also consider helping them think about the future by including something like a gift certificate to help with future watch maintenance, such as Omega watch repair … just in case.