wedding rosesIf someone was to ask you what you remembered most about a recent wedding you attended, what would your answer be? For many it would be the flowers, the beauty of the reception hall, or the food that was served.

For others it would be the music. Your choice of music sets the mood for the wedding and the reception. In both areas, you as the bride and groom should choose songs that suit you personally, but your guests need to be considered as well. For both occasions, it generally comes down to two choices, a live band or a disc jockey.

First, consider your wedding ceremony.

This day is to celebrate and join you together in matrimony and love. The song or songs chosen for the ceremony should be fitting to you as a couple.

Give some consideration first to where you are having the ceremony. If it is in a church or specific hall, are there requirements you need to consider? For example, does the church require you to use a specific song? Is recorded music looked down upon, and would you have to make use of the church choir? Do you prefer live or recorded music?

Perhaps you have a specific song you want to use for the prelude, the processional, the interlude, and the recession. Make sure they fit your style, the theme of your ceremony, and your personal preference.

Second, consider the reception.

When you enter the reception area, you want a certain mood to be set. An ambiance of celebration, fun, festivity, and happiness should all be wrapped up in the music you’ve chosen. Your main focus should be to make sure your guests have an exciting day with you as a couple.

Your main decision will be whether to have a live band or a disc jockey, and there are pros and cons to both. Get suggestions from family and friends. Have they heard of a great DJ or live band that they would highly recommend? Word of mouth, or looking on the internet are two ways to find the perfect sources of music for your wedding and reception.

Finally, should you choose live music or to use a DJ?

You will have a variety of people to entertain, so you want to make sure you have a wide choice of music. A joining of two backgrounds comes together at the ceremony and reception. Certain cultural or ethnic songs may need to be included in the music during the day. Always listen to the music beforehand so you know how the equipment runs, or the way the band plays together.

An experienced DJ or live band will adjust easily to the crowd, whether or not to add a certain genre of music, to adjust the volume or see to general needs of the audience. Quality and experience play a huge part in what caliber of music you will get.

So, be sure to see the work, get references and ask questions. Your choice of music will add emotion and drama to your special day. Make it memorable for everyone by choosing an experienced band or DJ.

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