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This month’s featured blog post highlights the popularity of DIY weddings where couples with a limited budget can still work together to create a memorable wedding.

It’s All In The Details…

DIY weddings are all the rage. And why not?

Saving money and making things personalized should always be trending! Customizing your wedding not only makes the planning process more exciting, but it’s not nearly as expensive as it sounds. Added bonus: Your guests will leave remembering the special details!

Here are some fun ideas…

1. Have a Signature Cocktail

Open bar, cash bar or no bar, offer your guests a signature drink. It can be something that matches the theme of your wedding, or maybe your own favorite as a couple. Get creative! Play in your own kitchen and come up with some creative combos. Add color, garnishes, and give it a name!

The “Something Blue” Martini, the “Blushing Bride” champagne, or throw your last name into the mix with something like the “Masterson’s Mojito.”

2. Set Up Your Own Photo Booth

photo booth

Gather some fun props and set up a booth! Show your personality with some serious Stunna Shades. Find old silly hats, feather boas, and other ridiculous props that your guests can play with. You can either designate your photographer, have a friend photograph, or leave a disposable camera for your friends to leave you a goofy picture.

3. Ditch the Dance

Forgo the traditional bride and groom dance or have a crazy entrance like this viral wedding video instead of waltzing down the aisle. You can pick something fun but still song that is significant to the two of you somehow. Maybe it was your “jam” in college, or you shared some laughs over the tune. Either way, it’s totally unique!

4. Bypass the Cake

wedding booth

Create a dessert bar instead of the traditional wedding cake. Not only will this save you tons of cash, but it adds some variety! You can have an ice cream sundae bar, a collection of pastries or candies, or even a tray of cookies. Arrange them on trays or in big glass bowls that coordinate with your theme.

5. Recycle/Reuse

Vintage is in, and so is reusing! Collecting old vases and jars is not only cheap, it’s smart! What do you do with a bunch of new glass jars after the wedding anyway? Just borrow or find old ones. They’re also a blank canvas and can be found in a shape and style that matches nearly any wedding.

For instance, old mason jars are fun for a casual outdoor summer wedding, while a Victorian etched-glass vase borrowed from your grandmother looks fabulous with a classic or romantic theme.